Album: New Beginning (2011)

Song: Ten Ton Brick

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Formed in August of 05, S.Y.F.T, comprised of Sean Ingalls (Vocals), Nick Switzer (Drums), Taylor Klise (Guitar), and Eric Sorensen (Bass) have spent the last 4 years building an impressive list of credentials. With its recent release, "Last Chance for a Legacy". S.Y.F.T has welcomed in new heights and thus new expectations. From radio airplay to magazine features, S.Y.F.T has matured into a solid heavy melodic rock band with a unique and professional sound. Having grown an impressive fan base from playing continuously live., S.Y.F.T has developed a solid reputation which was on full display at their recent release at the Showbox Market (1/30).

S.Y.F.T's music is quite diverse with a strong response across all ages and rock music demographics. From a recent interview, "Heavy melodic hard edged songs seem to define their music, but many people have a hard time putting a finger on what exactly is S.Y.F.T.'s sound." "The new cd is a hard driving, rather dark sided album yet it includes an acoustic song finalizing the record." It is in the defining of the band and their music that S.Y.F.T's. local flavor really comes through. Having grown up in the Northwest, the members of S.Y.F.T. lived through the glory days of the grunge scene in Seattle and were influenced by many local bands including Alice In Chains and Sound Garden. S.Y.F.T. is also influenced by the memory of how powerful the Seattle music scene was back in those day and they would like to help bring back that vibe to the Northwest.

"S.Y.F.T. is a group that believes in the helping hand, and offers it as much as takes it, but it is the talent of the band that has really put them into the Seattle music scene. The years of playing together have brought a stage presence and ease of musicianship that most young bands don't possess. This wealth of experience has allowed S.Y.F.T. move up the Seattle music Scene ladder faster than they otherwise might have."